Setup AutoSend

Watch this video to learn how to setup autosend on iOS the first time or take it step by step with the guide below!

Steps 1 and 2. Select Autosend from the preview screen and tap "Send":

Step 3. Tap the Rocketship 🚀icon to open the Siri Shortcut Helper for Hit Em Up called "Hit Em Up Autosend v1".

This will open up Apple Shortcuts introduced in iOS 13. Sidenote: Hit Em Up Autosend v1 is a helper script which connects Hit Em Up with your Messages app directly so that you don't have to press send for each message, but it requires some extra setup from your side by allowing a special permission before it can work. Don't worry! It's completely safe, but we advise you to follow this guide exactly and not to install scripts from any other third party apps.

***Step 4. If you have never used Apple Shortcuts App, you will likely get an error. That's okay. If you don't get an error skip to Step 9.

If you are like the majority of folks who are not power users of iOS and haven't used Shortcuts before, then click okay on the error.

***Step 5. Since you haven't used Shortcuts before, you will need to run any shortcut just once before proceeding to the next step. You can get any random shortcut from Apple on the Gallery page we are on by scrolling down and selecting one of the shortcuts there. In my case, I picked "Create a Meeting Note" because it was the first in the list, but you can pick any.

***Step 6. Now that you picked a script, add it to your shortcuts by scrolling down to the bottom of the pop up and tapping "Add Shortcut"

***Step 7. Navigate to the "My Shortcuts" Tab at the bottom the screen and tap the newly added shortcut once to run it. 

We are near the end of this one-time process 🙂

Step 8. Leave the Shortcuts App and Open the ⚙️ Settings App on your Phone. Locate the "Shortcuts" Settings Panel on the main screen of the Settings App. I find it faster to search for "Shortcuts" in the search bar and tap it there as pictured below...

Step 9. Enable "Allow Untrusted Shortcuts" (a fancy way of Apple saying that they do not test third party app shortcuts like Hit Em Up's Autosend Helper script). Apple wants you to be smart about adding this feature and not to download 'shortcut' scripts from untrusted sources hence all the steps in this guide.

Troubleshooting: If you don't see this option to "Allow Untrusted Shortcuts" you probably did not run a script from the Shortcuts App Gallery. Return to Steps 5-7.

Sidenote: Here's a Hit Em Up User Safety Tip: Be sure to only add scripts from trusted apps like Hit Em Up and don't download random scripts off the internet. Always ensure you download from our site or Hit Em Up app directly. Other Third party apps can use scripts to send unwanted messages on your behalf or read your messages. At Hit Em Up, we make your safety and privacy our priority and our software is designed to protect our users.

Step 10. Go Back to Hit Em Up and press the opaque Rocketship Icon Again 🚀 This time you should be taken to script (finally 😅).

Step 11. Scroll to the bottom of the Shortcuts pop up with the HitEmUp script and press the red"Add Untrusted Shortcut".

You can trust it 😃. Unfortunately Apple doesn't have a review process for shortcuts so all third party shortcuts get this big red button, but it's all good. In our eyes we see a big green button. Hit Em Up Green™ 🤩

Steps 12-14. Then return to Hit Em Up. We're almost done. Just tap "Next" a few times... You'll see a screen which describes the first time you send that you will need to accept some requests from Shortcuts, tap next again. Read the consent form and press "Send" to begin sending!

Step 15. Your messages should now be sent! All you need to do is press Agree to letting Shortcuts access Hit Em Up and your Messages App this first time you send as pictured below.

Now when you go to use AutoSend again all you have to do is consent and press send and your messages will start sending on their own! Totally worth it.