Schedule Text and Emails To Be Sent Later

One really cool new premium feature in Hit Em Up Standard and above is scheduled messages.

You can schedule a message to go out at a later time and be reminded to send that message when it comes time.


How to schedule texts and emails in Hit Em Up?

Let me show you how that works now.

I'm going to select an existing group (My Customers) and write a message. What we'll do is we'll push the little clock icon.

Set the time we want to send it, click Confirm and Save

When I click Send later, we can preview our message just like normal and then tap Send later.

It then schedules our message in this popup dialog at the top.

Here we can see there are messages scheduled to go out tomorrow at 09:30 a.m.

Perfect! So, that's scheduled messages.

We'll get a push notification when it's time to send this message. We can schedule more messages for the future as well.

Set this one to go out tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. Hit Save. Send later. If we pull down from the top, we see two messages scheduled to go out to this group, one in the morning and one at night. 

What will happen is our device, whether it's a Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Android, will send us a push notification when it's time to send, and we'll reenter the app at that exact time.

We can snooze this message if we don't want to get that notification by the Snooze button.

We can Edit this message if we don't like what it says, modify it, or add a little emojis. Hit the clock icon and save again. Select the time. Confirm. Save. Send later. 

You can also discard a message by pushing the Discard button. 

You can see all your messages here in the Activity panel, and here we see that we have two scheduled messages to my customers.

Still, we can schedule other messages as well.

To say my congregation, hit the schedule button. We can send this one today, even in the next ten minutes. Tap Save. Send later. Check that it looks good, and here to my congregation, we have "Have a great day" being sent in just ten minutes. If we go to the activity panel, we can see that our message are ready to go, and it's sorted by the order in which they'll be sent.
So we can just see the messages which are upcoming here in the scheduled panel. 

You can also always check the History to see your past messages.

That's scheduled messages on Hit Em Up Standard and above.

A super useful tool to remind yourself to send at just the right time and pre-plan your messages. When it's time to send your message, you'll get a notification that looks just like this. 

So I can tap on this, and in Hit EM Up, we get a little panel on whatever screen you're on that says it's time to send. You can remind yourself to send in five minutes or send right now by pushing the send button.

I'm going to push Send, and that's it. It starts sending your messages when you press send. 😃





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