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Package on: Android. Features carry down.

Firstname Inserts

Save Templates

Photo Attaching

Lastname Inserts

Create Groups

Personal Emails

Personal Texts

Group Texts

WhatsApp Texts

Telegram Texts

From Basic

Supported On: Android, iPad, iPhone


(billed annually)

No Monthly Message Cap

Remove Message Branding

From Standard

Android Only. (iOS Soon)


(billed annually)

Schedule Messages

Smart Selectors

Unlimited Tags

Premium Support


$ 4.99

Per Month

(when you buy the year)

  • Make groups based on criteria with Smart Selectors

  • Schedule Messages for later
  • Only First and Last Name Tags to Personalize Your messages
  • Templates
  • Photo Attachment
  • Secure backups of your groups and tags.
  • World class customer support. Normal wait times.

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