Saving and Using Templates

Are you tired of typing the same messages over and over again?

Copying and pasting? That's kind of one of the core features of Hit Em Up, getting rid of that copy-paste mentality. And one of the ways we let you do that is with Templates.


How to save Templates in Hit Em Up?

Let me show you how that works.

Now, here's a message thread with my customers. We've already been sending quite a few messages to these folks, but what if we want to send a message recurrently or we just have a message that we want to use in multiple groups or lists, and we don't want to have to copy-paste and remember where we put it. 

Luckily, we have a button just for that. Right here is this little paper icon.

This paper icon shows you all your templates right now. I have none.

But let's show how we can save a new template very easily. So I'm going to quickly write a message into my text field here, just like normal. 

Awesome! This looks pretty good. I think I want to reuse this template multiple times. So what I'm going to do is press the paper icon.

Now you'll see that your message is at the top, and we're going to just go ahead and flip on the resave as template and then tap Save.


You'll notice that the icon turned green. That's because we have a saved template now, and it's highlighted. 

You can just swipe left to remove and push the Remove button to remove this template, but I don't want to remove it. I want to use it. So I'll click Set, and that's it. 

Let's go ahead and change this around a little bit and watch what happens when I add a new line.
You'll see that this button changed colors. That's because we no longer have this particular template saved. Let's keep adding to this and save this to a template.

You'll see again that we could save this right here to a template. Click Save

And now, if we want to quickly just replace our text template with another one, we can tap the paper icon and just click the one we want and tap Set in the upper right corner. Tap Set and switch. Very easy. 
We can even add a subject. How about giving it a little wink face and saving that too.
Now you can see that we have both one with the subject and just ones without the subject, and we can just switch between them with just a tap. Pretty cool.
I'm going to go ahead and press Send, and that's a text template. 
Now here's another very cool, quick feature about Hit Em Up that you might want to know about.
As you see here, I have a bunch of messages that I've already sent to this list, but I think I want to make this particular message here a template. So I just tap and hold or click and hold and then click Save as Template on the popup.
When I click on the templates option, I now have this available to me, so I can create templates from the messages I've already sent.
And you can do this anywhere in the app, including if you go back to our Activity panel in our History pane, you can also go through all your history across all the messages you've ever sent. Tap and hold and Save this Template.
And when you go back to any other group, you now have access to that as a template. So this makes saving reusable templates very quick.
You can also search for key terms in your templates, such as the word Pleasant, which appears in a couple of our templates, and there they are, the two templates that show up that make it very easy to find a message that you want to reuse dynamically. Click Set and Send.
That's it! 😎 


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