Adding and Updating A Contact

Here's some good news to Hit Em Up, users! 🤘

By popular demand, we've now added the ability to add contacts directly to Hit Em Up.


How to add and update a contact directly in Hit Em Up?

Let me show you how to do that now. 

Let's pick a group like Apple Employees, tap on View List in the upper right corner.

There's a button now that says +New contact. This is the fastest way to add a contact directly to a group. Tap +New contact. 

This page will pop up, and it will allow us to create a contact to add a first name, the last name, and a phone number to contact this person.

Now, we can also push the tag button.

And add a company tag if we wanted to or birthday or any other piece of information we think we should. I'll add Apple.

That's pretty cool.

We can also choose to store this back to our iPhone, iPad, or other contact book or device that we're on by pushing this toggle and flipping that on. Or if you want the contact to stay in Hit Em Up, keep it off. So that's totally up to you.

We're going to click Add contact to recipients

 and there's Henry Smith.

Once we've created it, we can swipe on contact and push Edit to edit a contact.

You will see the picture that's stored in our contact book. It will show us the groups they're in.

We can add Henry to other groups by tapping +New List. 

Maybe we want them to our Real Estate Buyer group and My Congregation. Tap Save.

You can tap Save here to set these groups to the contact and the changes we've made.

Let's also add another tag to this person, such as birthday, and we can set the birthday to Sunday, October 24th.

That's how we can edit a contact. I'll tap save to commit those changes.

If I go back to Henry, click on one of the other groups that he is in, like Real Estate Buyers.

We can quickly jump and see that henry is now in that group as well.

Now, I go back to Apple employees. and let's say we're sending to the wrong number, like Tim Cook.

I can push the Edit button.

And choose a number to which it's being sent, so by default, I will pick the iPhone, but it can also dynamically switch to any other destination you want to send to. I'll push mobile. Tap Save.

 And you'll see that it updated the phone number to which it's being sent. 

So, that's modifying contacts in Hit Em Up. 

You can also update contacts directly in your contact book, which is Apple for iOS or Gmail contacts for Android. 🙂

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